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Shine for Life support Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group ‘Happiness Strategy’ in upcoming television programme ‘The Funny Farm’. Find out what it’s all about here and get involved here.  

Great Feedback 

"I just want to say a very big thank you.  I found the session with you - and with the horses very moving and very enjoyable and lots more that it is not possible to put into words.  what a worthwhile experience to have had.  I am letting it all be digested and enjoying thinking back to everything that happened."

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Welcome to the Shine for Life web site where you can learn more about how horses can assist in improving the emotional well being of people. We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) registered in England as a not-for-profit organisation. 

This short film by Niki Ashby, shows how Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning can help people understand more about their own behaviour. The full length documentary can be found here

We offer the opportunity to interact with horses in structured sessions on the ground, where the horses can provide amazing insights into our personalities and behaviour patterns. We translate the horse’s natural reactions to the body language or non verbal messages of our clients, which then enables the person to understand and communicate their own feelings more clearly.

We work as a qualified team, via a network of specialist consultants and therapists, where we can offer a wide range of programmes to both individuals and organisations, including:

Understanding mental health
Post traumatic stress
Relationship counselling
Bereavement counselling
Recovery from addiction
Business coaching
Personal development
Leadership development
Corporate well-being
Team dynamics

If you’d like to know more about how we may be able to assist you please get in touch on 07939 567228 or click contact us.


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